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At Grizzly Bear Media, we’re more than a video production company. We are experienced, passionate and creative storytellers who use video content to effectively convey your message.

What we do

Website content

Team GBM offer professional video and photography packages to update your website.


Grizzly Bear Media can shoot, cut, photograph and produce commercial assets – Television commercials, radio and digital advertising.


GBM are equipped to capture and bring your tourism campaigns to life for advertising, marketing and public relations.

Online Training

Grizzly Bear are experienced in crafting online video training and messaging.


Grizzly Bear Media love a great event and have the kit and experience to capture your next one!

Socials & VNR

GBM have an eye for editorial and promotional scope.

Our team are weapons of mass production, and can deliver an overall content strategy that encompasses marketing, advertising and public relations. Discover how Grizzly Bear Media can help share your story today.

Let’s get personal

Sit down and grab a cuppa, we would like to get to know you a little better…

Hi, we’re Shaun and Katy Smith, otherwise known as Grizzly Bear Media, but our friends call us Kit and Smit! We are best mates, married with children and are business partners. After running our media careers separately, we have joined forces to bring you the best of the best – making us a uniquely positioned video production company that focuses firmly on strategy.

Shaun is an artistic and experienced Director of Photography, and is the Director and Editor at Grizzly Bear Media. Shaun’s hobbies include spinning a great yarn, a cold draft beer post shoot, and riding his ‘fat boy’ bike with his two children in tow. Shaun also enjoys spending time in outback Queensland and watching NFL.

Katy is the Communications Director of Grizzly Bear Media and all round extraordinaire. She has proven experience with marketing, strategic communications, production and public relations. Katy loves to chat and has the ability to make everyone feel at ease. She is an early riser who loves a well-crafted (and well-executed) to do list. As a wife and mother of two, you can count on Katy’s organisation skills, time management and multi-tasking skills.

Together, Shaun and Katy are a powerhouse team. GBM is an agile and resourceful agency with clear and non-negotiable values – collaboration, quality and authenticity. You can trust us to produce and deliver highly professional video content that puts strategy first.

You may have seen our work here

We create content solutions to support your business objectives and drive brand awareness. We have an intelligent approach to video production, which allows us to craft content that amplifies your brand story across both digital and traditional media platforms.

Our process

At Grizzly Bear Media, we believe the proof is in the pudding. This is our tried and tested video production process that places strategy front and centre

The initial planning stage is crucial. We look forward to learning about YOU, your objectives, and what makes your brand unique. We can start the planning process over a coffee or beer, at a time of day that best suits you. Together, we can develop a plan that will effectively convey your message with expertly crafted video content. The Grizzly Bear Team will nail your messaging, maximise content outcomes, and achieve all your project deliverables.

Lights, camera, action! Let the team at Grizzly Bear Media capture all the magic moments in ultra-high definition 4K professional quality vision and sound. Our camera operator Shaun has 15 years of experience in commercial television, and his expertise will give your brand a competitive advantage. When it comes to video production, our team can take care of everything, and we pride ourselves on attention to detail throughout the shooting stage.

And finally, we enter the post-production phase. Your video content is cut together by our highly experienced editing team, and will be fully colour graded. In many ways, post-production is where the magic happens, as your video comes together with music, audio and graphics. The team at Grizzly Bear Media will work closely with you to ensure you are thrilled with the final results!

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